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Disabled Beach Information for Portugal/Algarve Page 2

The "Accessible Beaches - Beaches for Everyone" project is an initiative of the National Coordination Committee for the European Year of People with Disabilities  beaches accessible to people with reduced mobility and to raise awareness and provide information about the most accessible beaches. Accessible beaches have access requirements such as ramps, footpaths and wooden walkways and support facilities  handrails, adapted toilet facilities, parking places and easy access to local bars/restaurants  The beaches that have these requirements are awarded the "Accessible Beach" flag and are promoted at an international level.Beaches

Town halls have ensured that the main beaches on the Costa de Estoril have areas adapted for the disabled with wheelchair ramps and disabled toilet facilities. These include Cascais, Estoril, Guincho and Praia Grande others listed below have the following

Beaches marked with "*" have amphibious chairs for people with reduced mobility to enjoy bathing in the sea.

Information from Praias acessíveis: Instituto Nacional de Reabilitação (National Institute of Rehabilitation - Public institution within the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Portugal).

Armacao de Pera Disabled friendly

In the year 2011 saw many beaches in Portugal and Algarve giving far more access for those who are disabled or have mobility difficulties, many have now had wooden decking walkways,which are wheelchair friendly, however caution is needed with some as safety hand rails have not been installed in all , don’t be put off of going to a beach because postcard show it with rocks as some of the rockiest looking have wooden decking right down to the beach itself, Alvor has to be one of the Algarve biggest dedicated parking and access for disabled (photo on the right shows Bordeira beach access under disrepair photo taken 2011)

Armacao de pera off season

Central Algarve coastline

Bordeira sand dunes