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The palace was built at the end of the 18th century by a local aristocrat from the Carvalhal family. considered to be a fine example of Neo-Classical architecture. The the interior has more of a French and Italian feel with the painting of cherubs and furniture from the Louis 16th style, The palace remained in the Carvalhal family until 1893, when it was sold to a wealthy chemist and landowner from Central Portugal.  The new owner had the palace restored and augmented by Portugal's pre-eminent architect of the time, who did such a good job it earned the owner the title of Viscount of Estói in 1906. The palace passed down through the family until, in 1987, until the Municipal Council of Faro purchased it. Now a Luxury hotel, it is free to go around the palace and gardens even if you are not a staying guest, the exit road around the outer walls of the palace gardens you will find the town’s public laundry with its tiled covered roof this has been restored with hand painted tiles depicting its former use

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Hand painted ceiling

Chapel courtyard garden

Main formal gardens

Main hotel drawing room

Chapel offering WiFi

Rear of the palace

Cafe garden area