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Odeceixe Western Algarve is one of the last towns in the western Algarve coming under the district of Aljezur. The ribera de Seixe River separates Odeceixe and the town of Sines, the start of the silver coast with is parkland protected areas, and the start of Alentejo.  Seen by some a bit out of the way when it comes to tourism, but a real hidden gem well worth traveling too.  Not that far from Ajezur and Sines. Odeceixe is reached by the EN120 when exiting Aljezur. The main road to the town is on a sharp bend. With a view of the town and its windmill that sits on the tallest hill overlooking Odeceixe, still in working order. You can drive up to the top were you will also pass one of the town churches. The windmill symbol is show on its coat of arms for Odeceixe.

The town has much to offer you will find a daily indoor market offering fresh fish and daily produce. a few doors away from the post office, is a popular café/bar in the middle called snack bar Mercado. Used by locals as the area offers free WI-FI for those who feel the need of the internet? There are parking place in front of the market or a large car park on the outskirts of the town.

View from the entrance road

Large nearby naturist beach

Lavish Algarvian house

Main cobbled roads/pavements

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