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Albufeira  in central Algarve Portugal. One of the most popular places to visit for young families, and single youngsters, due to it’s night life with many bars and restaurants staying open until the early hours. Albufeira holds many places of interest to visit for those who are looking beyond nightclubs. With Museums, Churches, Galleries and Flea Markets. Albufeira remains the main tourist destination for central Algarve due to it’s coastal location and can see 500’000 tourist visit during the peak season, being just a 35 minute drive from the main airport of Faro.

The parishes within proximity of Albufeira are Guia, a quaint village that has become well known for celebrated medal and award winning wines. The winery owned by Sir Cliff Richard, (Adega do Cantor).  Nearby are Ferreira’s, Olhao de Aqua, and Paderne with it’s Castle  (Castelo de Almoáda) sitting on the top of the village which was Albufeira’s nearest fortified building built by the moors overlooking the town & coastline.

 Albufeiras history dates back to the moors when all towns and villages beginning with” AL” were named by the moors who occupied the vast part of the Algarve until their defeat.

Abufeira was in the 1960’s one of the largest fishing industry towns in the Algarve, it decline over time has seen the industry and factories close with just a small fisherman’s beach remaining with fisherman also offering cave trips.

Architecture of Albufeira ranges from  typically Algarvian narrow streets with pale white and sometimes tiled houses, to modern tourist developments. Apartments near the newly built marina can be seen from many parts of Albufeira due to the bright vivid colours of pinks, blues, and yellows. Dubbed "Legoland" by the locals. Little remains of the old Albufeira for history buffs to explore as the earthquake of 1755 saw a tsunami destroy most of the town with the exception of a couple of well built stone churches and a Mosque.The mosque was that of Al-Buhera's and later after the moors defeat had a Christian chapel built on the sight, it is now recognized by two brightly coloured blue domes.

 Nightlife on the strip located near the Montechoro section of Albufeira, proves popular during the summer with all ages, especially the younger tourists, know as “ the strip” the most popular bars often stay open until 4-6: am. Restaurants , cafes, and snack bars are abundant. since 2017 the prices have reduced due to the European recession. Everything is more expensive with a Galao (Latte style coffee) always served in a tall glass can be €2.50. Since inland it costs around €0.90 cents. Meals are often cheaper from as little as €5.50 for mixed grill or omelette & chips, in the many snack bars competing for competition during the tourist season. But expect to pay around €15-20 per head for a restaurant meal off the main menu, one restaurant that opened in 2020 is the Staar in old town Albufeira and has already gained a good reputation from diners on many social platforms for it’s quality and presentation.

Albufeira has everything you could want for a holiday, without the need for car hire, but depending what part you stay do expect some steep  hilly roads.

those wanting to see the real Algarve have a good choice of excursions with buses covering the whole of the Algarve. Albufeira old town has a more relaxed feeling, and has a central square decorated with trees and colourful shrubs. With many street cafes, bars, and restaurants for a quiet meal or a cool drink. The streets leading off the square offer many sorts with clothes shops, leather goods, gift shops, street stalls and many mini supermarkets for daily necessities. On the outskirt of Albufeira to the east is Olhos d Aqua. It bears a similar resemblance to Albufeira being more popular with the older generation, having many four star hotels and plentiful restaurants.

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