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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


Swimming permitted               Swimming Forbidden        No Swimming or Enter of water       Temporarily unattended


Typical Algarve Coastline

Beaches in Portugal are called Praia’s,and can be identified by the brown road signs

Districts and its  Beaches

Albufeira   (24 Beaches)

Aljezur      (10 Beaches)

Castro Marin (3 Beaches)

Faro          (10 Beaches)

Lagoa       (17 Beaches)

Lagos       (20 Beaches)

Olhao       (7 Beaches)

Portimao  (10 Beaches)

Sagres /    (8 Beaches)

Vila Do Bispo

Silves       (3 Beaches)

Tavira      (10 Beaches)

Vila Real  (2 Beaches)

300 Days of Sunshine a Year

Two of Portugal’s four sides are flanked by the Atlantic Ocean , the country has nearly 800 kilometres of breathtaking coastline and with around 80 beaches in the Algarve alone , with it’s many hidden coves. It would take the average visitor many visits to be able to say ( been there done that)

 Portugal’s coastlines are so varied that different climates are found in the different areas of the country. When venturing off to the smaller coves care should be taken to possible rock fall and lack of lifeguard, many beaches that have possible rock fall will be highlighted with yellow/black warning signs

With so much to do in ways of water sports for the real enthusiast or just hiring a pedalo for the family day on the beach

 Portugal has moved into the 21st century with many beaches patrolled by land and sea for your safety, and a huge improvements for disabled access

the Portuguese are more laid back when it come to beach life and often found just reading or playing cards in family groups ,

 you can often hear the sound of the tinkle of a bell ringing as the locals sell the well know doughnut type cake that are sold on the beaches from licensed sellers as are most water sport events also required to have a licence and complaints book

       Tips on Beach safety/Care

When Visiting Beaches with a family use the ones with the flag safety and Lifeguards ,

Portugal is on the Atlantic so care when in the water for swells and tides,

Do Not park on any beach as it is normally forbidden No animals are allowed during peak season if you plan to fish whilst on holiday you need a licence that can be obtained from ATM Machine ( not permitted) on main beaches in peak season

Algarve beaches A_Z


If you have not been to the beaches in the Algarve before then you are in for a  treat,

as each beach is individual and has its own charms and characteristic, with some just large golden miles of beach to the little hideaways off the tourist track

As with over 80+ named beaches alone in the Algarve, we will give you an A-Z  of  a few of the most popular as well as a few hidden away secret coves that the Algarve has to offer.

For those families with small children it is better to chose the larger flat beaches as these not only carry the flag warning system but also have lifeguards .

Nudist Beaches in Portugal

There are currently just two official nudist (naturist) beaches in the Algarve most other beaches are not officially recognised and fines have been known by the maritime police. In general, there are so many quiet coves  near deserted beaches that the Algarve is perfect for naturists.

The two official Nudist beaches : Adegas beach in Odeceixe, on the western Atlantic coast of the Algarve, which is a small cove the other side of some large rocks at the southern end of Praia de Odeceixe. Access is either from Praia de Odeceixe at low tide or it can be reached from the cliff top,  by footpath, at high tide.

Praia do Homem Nu on the Ilha de Tavira - a long sandspit island beach reached either by a short ferry crossing from Tavira in the eastern Algarve, or (the easiest route for the nudist beach) by a tourist train that crosses the Ria Formosa from Pedras D'El Rei

Gay Beaches in Algarve

These are  3  known gay beaches in the Algarve:

Beach Flag Safety

To stay safe on Algarve beaches, always pay attention to the beach flags so see whether or not it is safe to swim or if the beach is being attended by a lifeguard.

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