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Bordeira coat of arms


Bordeira, in western Algarve (not to be confused with Bordeira nr Sao Bras Aportal). Bordeira is perhaps known more for its huge beach & sand dunes, popular with surfers who visit the local beaches of Praia da Bordeira, Praia do Amado and Praia da Carrapateira, all known for its winds and large waves. Few would venture a couple of kilometers inland to the little village itself which sits within the Vicentine Coast Natural Park, bordering Alentejo. The main road in which you enter Bordeira is a fairly new one, it is wide and planted with rows of palms and flowerbeds. In front you cannot help miss the small church, it is said to date from before the earthquake of 1755 and rebuilt from the foundations up after the earthquake.  Inside is stunning with heavily carved gilded wooden Centre piece. The church is dedicated to the patron, our Lady of Incarnation( Nossa Senhora da Encarnação).The small village sits in a basin surrounded by protected green countryside of the national park home to some rare fauna & flora.

Bordeira square with cafe/barChurch of our Lady of IncarnationBordeira coastal veiw of the wavesMain high street into Bordeira

Unlike other small villages that are just whitewashed, Bordeira has many that are whitewashed but with vibrant colors picking out any features the building has. With many small cobbled stone roads, planted with orange and lemon trees, give the feeling of a traditional village. Some of the houses sit staggered high above one another, there is a café/bar aptly named Café da Bordeira, which offer light snacks and a limited lunch. There is a shop and other restaurant used by the locals. It is not surprising that there are not many ruins in the village, as it is a thriving little community; even what once was the communal bake oven/house, has now been converted in to living accommodation. The area is a green agricultural one with the area known for growing figs. Outside of the village, there is a surfing camp.

church of our Lady of Incarnation( Nossa Senhora da Encarnação)Bordeira cobbled backstreetAlgarve house with plant pots lined outsideBordeira villa hall

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