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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


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Burgau  Western Algarve of Portugal part of the Barlavento region of the Algarve is a small village with a thriving population of around just 800 residents, made up of mixed international population with many having holiday homes.  often seen as picturesque postcard village that still has a thriving fishing population and fishermen can still be seen repairing nets and lobster pots down below on the waterfront.

The village is very steep, many streets are cobbled, and some of the narrow pavements look like they might be private. But most will join the ma.in roads in the village. There are many steps and steep climbs. If disabled or with limited mobility you may well struggle You can still enjoy Burgau as there are many dedicated blue badge parking spaces down at the bottom near the beach( Praia do Burgau. The beach is more like a cove bay being surrounded by large cliffs; one even resembles a pyramid in shape.

  The beach is sheltered in a bay with golden sand. Caution is needed with young children as the tide can come in fast and covers most of the beach. Caution is also need when parking down on the beach slops/slipway, as the tide has been known to cover vehicles.(See photo below)

Burgau rooftop view of the oceanColorful walkway in Burgau cobble streetsPraia do Burgau hill viewBurgau casa grande hotel

Burgau has plenty of parking at the top of the village. Starting at the top gives opportunity to explore whilst making your way down to the many bars and good quality restaurants. Like most places if you want to sit with front side views of the village with sea views then expect to pay a little more for snacks and drinks. But well worth the sea view, It feels like you could be in the Mediterranean.

Those wanting a cheaper quality lunch or snack have a good choice at the top of the village. Places like Tomik are one such place that has a modern theme and clean. Just further along from Tomik, is one of the largest Hotels / restaurants that has a very colonial frontage Casa Grande. It was featured in the filming (of the one foot in the grave). An English BBC television comedy drama back in the 1990s. Considering Burgau is a fishing village dating from the 17th century the village has no chapel.

Overall the village is one of much charm with many whitewashed cottages and townhouses; it offers plenty to do and has many quality gift shops, mini supermarkets.If you have visited Burgau before and had problems parking due to the vast numbers of wild campers who flock there, you will be pleased to hear that article as of Jan 2021 Portugal brought out a new law (50A of the decree-law n. 102-B/2020) the new rule came into force to change the highway code, and police have been enforcing the new law which has seen Burgau  return to a much easier place to park than before.

Burgau allocated disabled parking baysBurgau step cobbled steps and pavementsBurgau shop lined cobble streetPraia do Burgau slipwayOne of Burgau's walkways overlooking the coast

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