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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


Carvoeiro & Lagoa coat of arms


Carvoeiro  Algarve, Portugal on the western side just about makes the central Algarve when it comes to tourism, with the EN:125 road running along the edge of the town. Carvoeiro town comes under the Lagoa district, having some of the best water parks and golf courses for the area. There is a large old Adega (wine Co-operative) just near the traffic lights in Lagoa, one of the first of its size for Portugal. Being around 65 years of age, it is well worth a visit to sample and buy wines of the local regions.

Whilst on the way to Carvoeiro, there is a good choice of supermarkets, Pingo Doce, Intermache, and Aldi, Where you can get fresh fish and meat. Carvoeiro has very picturesque views and is well known for its coastal cave trips by the local fishermen who know the waters very well. The main small beach is directly off the main road that circles the Town. With most beaches in the Algarve, Carvoeiro has a wheelchair/pushchair friendly decking and access to its sandy beach.

Carvoeiro has many good restaurants any many can be found on what is known as restaurant hill. For most of the year the town is quiet. Peak season gets busy due to the fact it offers lots of holiday rental properties in the nearby hamlet of sesmarinas, just off towards the east of Carvoeiro. It is due to tourism from the 1960’s that turned a sleeping fishing village into the status of becoming the town it has become today with a population of around 5,000.

 Carvoeiro Lighthouse of AlfanzinaTapas bar down by Carvoeiro waterfrontHillside view of the town of Carvoeiro and beachCarvoeiro main town beachHandmade tiles depicting fisherman and fishing boat

Carvoeiro a picturesque fishing village, that over the years has become one of the favourites with tourist. Carvoeiro that today is an area of expensive villas, and comfortable holiday apartments, with golf courses and nearby water parks. To the east is the small and attractive village of Porches that dates back to the Roman period. Unfortunately the earthquake of 1755 destroyed Carvoeiros ancient castle also the original parish church that is believed to date to the 16th Century. Carvoeiro beaches are some of the most picture postcard in the Algarve although not all are easily accessible. Carvoeiro town consist of back streets and steep roads. Fishing is still a thriving industry with many boats that land on the main beach to off load the catch of the day, normally before 10 am. When walking and exploring the back streets evidence of roman habituation can be found with remains of old walls from the period. There are remains of a fort on the outskirts of the town but it would go unnoticed unless you seek out the history of the town. One thing that is also lacking is any main church, which shows how small the original village was.

Well worth a visit out of town is the Carvoeiro lighthouse (Lighthouse of Alfanzina) not so much for the lighthouse itself but for the amazing blow holes that surround it. These are huge holes natural formed  which have worn away the rock over the many years (Fenced off for safety). When a strong tide comes in, sea water explodes high into the air making a spectacular sight these form part of the many cave trips on offer by local fisherman which include Carvoeiro/Benagil.

Carvoeiro shopping strip one way street

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