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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve



On arrival, if arriving by flight to Portugal. you will find help, as soon as you step of the plane, assistance getting to the passport control to arranging collection of luggage can be arranged free of charge, At the airport disabled passengers are boarded on to planes before other passengers. At the aircraft door, you will need to transfer onto a narrower aisle-chair so the assistants can get you to your seat - therefore an aisle seat is normally dedicated to disabled passengers.

 all of the Major Airports in Portugal have Disabled toilets as well as lifts, and ramps.

 there are many companies that offer airport transfer with wheelchair access, as well as some car hire companies that offer adapted vehicles, Euro Cars are to name just one, if you need to hire wheelchairs or electric (battery operated) mobility scooters then Portugal has different companies that offer them for hire.

In the Algarve, Algarvemobility offer delivery to your Hotel or Villa and details can be found below.


Most shops will have dedicated places for disabled drivers Some car parks allow vehicles displaying a disabled parking sign to park free of charge

There are no concessions for disabled drivers on roadside parking. Unless you use the dedicated parking spaces. that each town and Village will have a

 Do not park in a disabled spot if the sign has letters and numbers as this will be a dedicated parking spot for that vehicle, Portugal whilst along with the rest of Europe operates the blue badge system, but the police are tolerant of just a disabled sign or sticker as long as the driver has a genuine disability


All public transport used on urban routes has four seats reserved for people with walking difficulties, but there is no access for the users of wheelchairs ,but normally the driver will help you on, unless your moment is restricted completely

The blind may travel with their dogs if they are on a leash and wear a muzzle. They can also travel with their dogs at no extra cost.

Some rent-a-car companies have automatic and specially adapted vehicles available for hire.Europcar is one company but there are many others

 Beach information

The "Accessible Beaches - Beaches for Everyone" project is an initiative of the National Coordination Committee for the European Year of People with Disabilities  beaches accessible to people with reduced mobility and to raise awareness and provide information about the most accessible beaches. Accessible beaches have access requirements such as ramps, footpaths and wooden walkways and support facilities  handrails, adapted toilet facilities, parking places and easy access to local bars/restaurants  The beaches that have these requirements are awarded the "Accessible Beach" flag and are promoted at an international level.Beaches

Town halls have ensured that the main beaches on the Costa de Estoril have areas adapted for the disabled with wheelchair ramps and disabled toilet facilities. These include Cascais, Estoril, Guincho and Praia Grande others listed below have the following

Beaches marked with "*" have amphibious chairs for people with reduced mobility to enjoy bathing in the sea.

Information from Praias acessíveis: Instituto Nacional de Reabilitação (National Institute of Rehabilitation - Public institution within the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Portugal).

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Rail Travel

Rail travel in Portugal in general can be a bit of a let down for those  who are wheelchair bound or need to use a mobility scooter, as most trains do not accommodate for those with mobility needs, However Portugal does have  one such train  the Alpha Pendular, this train is fitted with a platform hoist for wheelchairs, and you do get a carriage that is solely dedicated for the disabled with a large wheelchair painted on the side of the carriage so easy to find,the carriage even has a wheelchair friendly toilet, with large sliding door, the train runs from Tunes in the central Algarve straight to Lisbon. (please see useful links page for contact information)

Electric operated

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Dedicated Disabled Carriage