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Bacalhau Portugese dried salt CodPortuguese cured hams

Meat names Translated

Frango / Chicken

Perú / Turkey

Pato / Duck

Porco / Pork

Fiambre / Ham

Febras / Pork steak

Lombo de porco / Pork loin

Vaca Beef

Bife de vaca (bem passado) Beef steak (well done)

Bife de vazia /Sirloin steak

Bifanas / Pork thin steaks  

Bitoque / Steak minute  

Picar / Mince

Vitela / Veal

Borrego / Lamb

Costeletas de borrego / Lamb chops

Coelho / Rabbit

Cooking Terms

Grelhar - grilling,
Assar - roasting,
Cozer - boiling,
Estufar - stewing


Semi Skimmed   Semi Desnatado
Half Fat      meio da gordura
FullFat       Gordo
Fresh          Fresco  
Pasteurise  Pasteurizado

Cheese Terms More on regional cheeses

DOP- equal to the  DOC in wine, designated to cheeses produced in their traditional regions

Velho- Old, vintage cheese of a few months

Curado, Semi-Curado- Cured, Semi-Cured

Amanteigado- “Smooth good spreading cheese

Mole/ de Pasta Mole, Semi-Mole- Soft, Semi-Soft

 Duro/ de Pasta Dura, Semi-Duro- Hard, Semi-Hard

Seco- Dry  

Leite de Vaca- Cow’s Milk

Leite de Ovelha( “o-vayl-ya”)- Sheep’s Milk

Leite de Cabra/Cabreiro- Goat’s Milk

Cru- Raw

Gordura- Fat (in foods)

 Picante- Spicy

Casca- Casing, wrapping, shell

Ligeiro/a- Light (in consistency and/or flavor)

Fresh fish counter at Portuguese local market

Fish Translation

Atum / Tuna

Bacalhau /Cod

Besugo /  Bream Sea

Carapau /Horse Mackerel

Cavala / Mackerel

Cherne / Grouper

Choco / cuttlefish

Dourada /Bream

Espadarte / Swordfish

Linguado / Sole

Lula / Squid

Moreia / Eel Moray

Pargo Snapper / sea bream

Peixe espada / Scabbard fish

Pescada / Hake

Polvo / Octopus

Robalo / Bass Sea  

Safio Eel / small Conger  

Salmão /Salmon

Salmonete / Mullet

Sardinha / Sardine

Sargo Porgy / sea bream

Tamboril / Monkfish

Portugal cheeses of many regions

Regional cheeses »»

Bacalhau  (Salt Cod) is a common everyday dish seen on many menus across Portugal. Portuguese settlers across the globe with colonies like (Cape Verde, Angola, Macau, Brazil,) took the the tradition of the use of salt code with them so became many adapted recipes. There are said to be over 1000 recipes for Bacalhau, in Portugal alone it boosts a recipe for every day of the year , considered the iconic ingredient of Portuguese cuisine, rarely is fresh Cod consumed fresh as its warm Atlantic seas on the Mediterranean , boasting  many different varieties of other fish, with Portugal being the highest consumption per capita within the European Union. With other countries like Spain and Greece whom have vast fish farms of Bass and Bream.  Bacalhau is cooked on social occasions and is the traditional during the festival of lent (Good Friday Cod Dish) and with chick peas and olive oil on  Christmas Eve in most parts of Portugal.

              Shellfish translation

Ameijoa / Clam

Berbigão / Cockle

Búzio / Whelk

Camarão / Prawn

Carangueijo / Crab

Conquilha / Clam( Small)

Lagosta / Lobster

Lingueirão / Clam Razor  

Mexhilhão / Mussel

Ostra / Oyster

Santola / Spider Crab


Anise / Erva-doce

Basil / Manjericấo

Bay Leaves  /Louro

Caraway / Alcaravia

Cayenne  /Pimenta-de-Caiena

Celery Seed  /Aipo

Chilli Piri Piri

Chives Cebolinha

Cinnamon / Canela

Coriander / Coentro

Garlic / Alho                             

Parsley / Salsa