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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


After taking twelve long years to complete the A22 was finally finished in April 11th 2003 it was meant to be a wonder for the Algarve with ease of transport as well as safer taking traffic off the notorious EN125.

Then came the announcement of the introduction of tolls for the A22 which came into force at the end of December 2011. However it is still possible to use the A22 without paying any tolls at certain junctions as you will see below. There are 18 junction on the A22 with the start down towards Lagos starting near Bensafrim from the IC4 in the Western Algarve and ending at Casto Marim on the Eastern side on the Spanish border.

There are 10 DEM (Electronic Registration Devise) Gantries along the A22 they do not cover all of the 18 Junction making it possible to use the A22 free at certain junctions.

During the summer months this can save time when the EN125 is congested for those who want a short journey, although the junction that offer free travel are only of a few Kilometres it can still be worth using them to save sitting in traffic.

For those who want to use the motorway and pay please see the Motorway tolls Page

Junction 1 (Lagos) to Junction 2 (Odiaxere)                                         

Junction 4 (Alvor/Portimao) to Junction 5 ( Portimao/Monchique)              

Junction 7 (Armacao de Pera) to Junction 8 (Algoz)                                

Junction 9 (IC1 Motorway) to Junction 10 (A2)     


Junction 11 (Boliquueime) to Junction 12 (Loule)                                   

Junction 17 (Vila Real) to 18 (Castro Miram to Spanish Border)                    

Please note:only these junctions Listed are not covered by the DEM (Electronic Registration Devise) these are the Gantries with Camera’s that record your Vehicle Registration number

Junctions: 3,6,13,14,15,16,

This page is for motorway information on the A22 only


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