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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve



Fuseta in eastern Algarve comes under the district of the nearby town of Olhao; you will often find two types of spelling for Fuzeta or Fuseta both are correct, having derived from the old spelling Fozeta.  The word Foz meaning mouth use in the term mouth of the river.  Which Fuzeta sits on the estuary that joins the Atlantic Ocean?

The town of Fuzeta is a thriving fishing town and due to the warmer waters still has large catches of tuna. This forms part of the canning industry that the Algarve is known for. Fuzeta is also a large producer of natural sea salt from the salt beds that lay to the eastern side of the town.  Campers and motorhomes are in for a treat as Fuzeta campsite is situated by the quayside. With views across the small Islands that give Fuzeta it’s beach.  Accessible by taking the ferry to Armona-Fuseta.

If visiting the island you have a choice of the water taxi which can be more expensive than the ferry. The difference is ones a taxi which leaves when you want, rather than the ferry that leaves at certain intervals.

Fuseta is laid out like a grid, the many small streets as well as the main one which Chris-cross each other. It has much to offer, with a main pedestrian decorated cobble street with shops bars and art gallery that leads to a small square. With its trees that offer shade and public benches. The square is flanked on each side with many bars and restaurant for those who want to soak up the atmosphere the town offers.  Many roads are either no entry, or one way.

To be honest there’s no real reason to want to drive around the narrow streets, as you would miss the real Fuseta. There are many buildings that will have you reaching for the camera. From traditional tiled to those with glazed balustrade decorating parapet walls. Some even have heart shaped panels in the windows. Enjoy the walk around the town, then head for a relaxing coffee.

Fuseta harbour with fishing boatsFuseta/Fuzeta cobblestone pedestrian strretFuseta Island beach reached by ferryFuseta has many one way streets

Most have hand carved stone window and door surrounds that you no longer see into days building. If you venture down you will come across the main Church Square the chapel of our Lady of Carmo. As like many fishing towns in the Algarve Fuseta is no exception when it comes to the religious precessions that takes Place each year.

One statue of “Our Lady” which is placed on a fishing boat then taken out to sea, as part of the blessing for the fishermen’s safety.  Quiet a breath taking event with many fishing boats decorated in palm leaves and flowers as part of the event which all are welcome. Fuzeta has a good size daily fresh fish market down by the harbor. As well as a street market ever Thursday, and antique/flea market held monthly. Buyers & sellers coming from as far as Spain.

You can easily spend the whole day investigating what Fuseta has to offer. During the winter month it becomes very popular with tourist who us the park open area to play the traditional game of boule (similar to bowls but using steel bowls).

The Algarve has recently encouraged walking and cycling along the many walking and cycle routes as part of its promotion of the Eco-way for Europe. For those wishing to stay or camp in the town it offers good public transport links, with bus and trains to further your adventure of Portugal. Warning popular with motorhomes but as of 2020, Portugal brought in new laws to stop wild camping this is something that can incur large on the spot fine for those who flout the law. For more info

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