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Golf in the Algarve Course information  

Since the first Champion course built in 1966 with the architect Sir Henry Cotton. It was to be a huge challenge turning flat swap land used for crop growing into a respectable golf course to catch serous golfer’s attention. With much planting and a good architect design it proved a huge success. Now in less than 50 years since the first course the Algarve has seen nearly 40 of some of the best courses in Europe. Putting the Algarve as a serious contender in many world competitions including open championships. Below is a brief information guide to help choose the course that may suit your style of playing.  Over the years course design has changed not only to make courses challenging, but incorporating what the land and surroundings were used for.  In 2008 the Oceānico Nick Faldo &  Oceānico O'Connor courses did just that by laying the courses very sympathetically to the surroundings even incorporating lemon and orange trees, also with wildlife in mind.  Most courses require soft spike shoes.

West Algarve

 Resort                               Holes      Length       Location        Par    Construction     Required

Įlamos Golf                          18         5,641 m        Portimao          71          1991                 H/C Cert

Alto Golf                                 18        6,125 m        Alvor                 73           1991                 H/C Cert

Boavista Golf                        18         6,053 m        Lagos               71          2001                 H/C Cert

Espiche Golf                         18         5,862 m        Lagos               72          U/C                   H/C Cert

Oceānico Nick Faldo           18        6,604 m        Silves                72           2008                H/C Cert

Morgado Golf                        18        5,399 m        Portimao          73           2003                H/C Cert

Oceānico O'Connor             18        6,719 m         Silves               72           2008                H/C Cert

Palmares Golf                       18        5,961 m        Lagos               71           1976                H/C Cert

Parque da Floresta              18         5,670 m       Budens             72           1987                H/C Cert

Penina Championship         18         6,343 m        Alvor                73           1966                 H/C Cert

Gramacho                             18         5,919 m        Carvoeiro        72           1991                 H/C Cert

Vale da Pinta                        18         6,152 m       Carvoeiro         72           1992                 H/C Cert

Vale de Milho                          9          926   m        Carvoeiro        54           1990                    N/A

                                        (2 set of tees)

Central Algarve    

Resort                                Holes      Length       Location        Par    Construction     Required

Balaia Golf Village                 9             984m        Abufeira             3           2001                    N/A

Oceānico Laguna                 18        6,133 m        Vilamoura        73           1990                 H/C Cert

Oceānico Millennium           18         6,200 m        Vilamoura        73           2000                 H/C Cert

Vilamoura Old Course         18         6,254 m        Vilamoura       72           1969                 H/C Cert

Pine Cliffs Golf                   2X9         2274 m         Albufeira         67            1991                   N/A

Oceānico Pinhal                   18        6,300 m        Vilamoura        71           1976                 H/C Cert

Pinheiros Altos                     18         5,766 m        Almancil          72            1991                 H/C Cert

Quinta do Lago (North)        18         6,126 m        Almancil          72            1994                H/C Cert

Quinta do Lago (South)       36         6,488 m        Almancil          74            1994                 H/C Cert

Salgados Golf                       18        6,080 m        Albufeira          72            1994                H/C Cert

San Lorenzo Golf                  18        6,238 m        Almancil           73           1988                 H/C Cert

Oceānico Victoria                18         6,560 m        Vilamoura       72            2004                 H/C Cert

Vale do Lobo Ocean       2X18            Vary          Almancil           73            1968                H/C Cert

Vale do Lobo Royal        2X18             Vary          Almancil           72           1997                 H/C Cert

Vila Sol                        27 (3X9)             vary          Vilamoura,       72           1991                 H/C Cert

East Algarve     

  Resort                              Holes      Length       Location         Par    Construction    Required

Benamor Golf                        18       5 ,500 m       Cabanas           69           2000                 H/C Cert

Casto Marim                         18        5,466 m        Casto Marim    71           2001                 H/C Cert  

Colina Verde                          9         1,145 m        Moncarapach  28            2003                H/C Cert  

Monte Rei Club                     18        6,567 m        Vila Real St A  72           2007                H/C Cert

Quinta da Ria                        18        6,110 m        Tavira               72            2001                H/C Cert

Quinta de Cima                    18        6,256  m       Quinta da Ria   72           1992                H/C Cert

Quinta do Vale                      18        6,511  m       Casto Marim    72           2001                H/C Cert

animated hole with flagpair of feet standing at a golf ballgolf score cardNick Faldo golf in Silves with sand bunkers,Algarve PortugalGolfer standing incorrectly before taking a shot

A player with the correct ball and feet position, with the feet and ball aligned.

A player with incorrect stance and alignment

Algarve golf course fairwaylake with sand bunker on the otherside

One of the Algarve’s flatter courses

More traditional surroundings with the planting of Olive trees at  Algoz/Alcantarilha course

Sand Bunker Tips

 To the inexperienced golfer the sand pit or bunker to give them the correct name, can appear to be a nightmare, and rightly so. They can set a challenge to the novice, but understanding the bunker and sand can make all the difference to your play. Sand is a medium that can change its texture when wet and have a different reaction to how it absorbs a blow than if it were dry. Sand is very good at absorbing energy. You only have to think of when walking on a beach how a footprint can be left in the sand when wet, yet when dry it is completely different. it can even be harder to walk in sand when dry. Applying this method and understanding will greatly improve your performance in the bunker. You will firstly get an idea how to play the ball when you first step in the bunker, is the sand soft to the foot or firm? Let’s first deal with damp or wet sand here we need to hit the ball directly as the energy from the club to the ball is going to be direct, so hitting the ball too hard is something to avoid as you do not want any bounce back if steep or the ball to travel to far if a low bunker. Playing in dry sand needs a different approach, here we need to use the sand to our advantage so treat it as bumper cushion rather than trying to hit the ball with direct contact with the club. You need to hit the sand a few centimetres before the ball, this action will cause the sand to scatter directing the energy to be absorbed by both sand and ball allowing the ball to shoot forward with a gently motion.

When practicing this try drawing a line behind the ball at different spaces until you get the distance right. Remember when playing in a match you must not draw a line in the sand or remove sand from around the ball as this would be classed as a strike or penalty see rule 13-4 regarding touching the ground in hazardous play.

Balance and stance are also going to be different than that on the green; the normal choice of club would be the wedge, or sand iron. The angle type of club will depend on the steepness of the bunker. You need to play the move the same as a strike rather than a putt, do not be tempted to try to putt your way out of a bunker.

When using a wedge it would be normal to aline the ball with the middle of your feet, when taking a shot. When playing in dry sand you will be making the strike just before the ball so position your feet at the strike position rather than the ball position.

due to the impact when the club hits the sand it is going to absorb about one third of the energy so you will need to swing at a faster speed. Balance can become an issue so make sure your stance and balance are correct placing more of your body weight on the lead foot. Practice will teach you how hard to swing depending on how far the ball has to travel.

Golfer play a shot over a sand bunker

Over the coming weeks we will be covering Golfing term and Tip to help improve your game as well as detailed course information

Grand entrance to the golf course club house

The club house commonly known as the 19th hole

Golfer standing correctly before a putt shot

Golf courses information for Algarve length ,holes, location,Par, H/C Cert