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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


Lagoa annual Obrigado Festival  5th & 6th October

Now in its third successful year this years Festival in not to be missed.The Obrigado Fair was set up by a small group of people who choose to move and settle in Portugal,coming from all parts of the globe, as a Thank you (Obrigado in Portuguese) to the Portuguese people, The Obrigado festival is a way to show and join different cultures ,Music and Traditions all in one place with everybody being welcome.

What better place to hold the 3 day event than in one of the Algarve's Natural beauty spots of Lagao, due to the fact that the Portuguese are a warm friendly nation with family values seen throughout Portugal even with children keeping the tradition of greeting with a hand shake or being greeted with a kiss on each cheek.

Last years fair had a very good reception from all who enjoyed it with many participating in the event,last year those who went enjoyed the many stalls selling different crafts,there were pony rides for children,different workshops offering relaxation to yoga, the stage set the scene set on the crystal clear water ,playing live music from different bands and singers, in the large auditorium different international schools performs small plays and live music and singing. The Fair hope to add many different workshops and cultural event to make the festival more enjoyable and one that you should defiantly participate in even  if you are just visiting whilst on holiday.

Where to find the Festival Sitio das Fontes - Estombar


The park has a large auditorium with entertainment from some of the International schools with young children putting on small play, and the older ones playing music and singing

Many stall offering hand made items from jewellery to carvings and many other different crafts, there is plenty of picnic table and benches with many stalls offering snacks and refreshments, if you want to enjoy a full meal one restaurant had laid on all the facilities

With the waters being crystal clear and warm it offered those who wanted to swim in the shallow waters the opportunity or just sit and listen to the live music on the stage, relaxation and yoga workshop were also on offer for those who just wanted to find peace of mind