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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve



Olhao is a coastal town on the eastern Algarve, on arrival it may not seem appealing but don’t let that fool you. The town has as much to offer as any other. Olhao enjoys a Marina, it has no beach to call its own, but further along you can catch the ferry to Ria Formosa lagoon.  The ferries for the ilhas beach run from the quayside near the gardens, at the eastern end of the red brick market buildings.

There are regular services during the peak season, with fewer crossings during the winter months. Olhao is more of an exploring town rather than one filled with tourist attractions. Although down by the waterfront you will find a small pleasant park strip, offering shaded seating areas in the summer months. It also has children’s play area with safety flooring.

The large red brick buildings which architecturally look in keeping with their Moorish style dome towers. But the red brick seems of place for the Algarve. The buildings are the daily market place, which consist of two identical buildings.  Once inside it offers an array of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, with is cafes that run along the outside terraces. Even if not planning to buy, well worth exploring. As catches brought in daily by the fishermen, will have many varieties you will have never seen.

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