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Paderne in Central Algarve, Portugal, is a small village the sits just 7 kilometers from the parish town of Albufeira. Whilst it remains one of the small villages not on the tourist trail. Paderne is a well worth place to add for places to visit whilst in Portugal.

The village has a castle dating back to the 12th century and is one of the castles on the National flag of Portugal.

Paderne boasts a roman bridge fully intact not seen as being important until the 1860s. When restoration started, Today has the status as an ancient monument. Unless you are a serous walker, then better to visit the castle by Car or Bike. On the same road heading towards the castle from Paderne, a natural spring set in a large square; Still in use today with people from surrounding areas  collecting the drinking water. Often frequented by gypsies with their horses and carts. Paderne has a public laundry with around 18 stone troughs with scrubbing boards under a wooden tiled open building. It may seem strange to see, but the water flowing for the public laundry flows away from the main drinking water spring outlets. The river flows towards the park area with public information boards about the surroundings.

Mock statue bandstand

Open air public laundry

Main village centre

Locals fun sports day

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