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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


The villa museum in Vilamoura is easily found by the brown signpost dotted around, the Museum is situated along the outskirt of the Marina, Cerro roman villa is that of a large complex, it is one of a very important find for the Algarve region. it holds some great preserved roman finds as well as very important roman mosaic floors and panels, it dates from around 30 BC with further undisturbed evidence of Moorish occupying the area before it was taken over. The ruins show a public bath house and evidence of salt pits used for drying fish, an important part of preserving food for the winter months and to feed many armies who relied on dried foods. The villas position was carefully planed as it was next to a port that would be protected from flooding.

The Museum offer much to see for families  with a small entrance fee of €5 with children being free, open  from 10am – 1pm- 4pm until 8pm

Mosaic villa floor

Layout of roman settlement

Costume of the period

Roman pillar remains

Artist impression of how the settlement looked in the roman period