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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve



Pechao in the eastern Algarve falls under the parish of Olhao being a main fishing Town just 5 km away. Being so close to Olhao makes it well worth a visit. With the main church that sits on the highest point with stunning coastal views.  One of the few Towns and villages in the Algarve that also has a bone chapel.

Pechao has a bone chapel with a difference that of an open monument. It was planned that a small chapel would be built, but instead the main flank wall to the main entrance was all that remained. With skulls and bones set into the wall.

 Just besides the church you will also see a museum and combined art gallery. Open on Wednesday to Sunday 4pm -7pm. the museum houses varied antique agricultural related items and sewing crafts traditional to the area.

As like most inland villages, figs, olives, and Almonds, are a thriving and important part of the economy. Other places of interest are the Old Fountain, the museum of Pechao, and Chalet Belamandil.

There is much that goes on in Pechao throughout the year, in March it holds a large Marathon, in 2012 held the 7th event named (March Athletica de Pechao). With up to 500-600 taking place in the event with onlookers cheering at the finish line.

Other big events include the 3 day motorcycle event held in June (Motto Pechao) and the nearby (Rock na Ribeira). Ideal event for the younger generation with many well-known bands performing. One great festival that Pechao is known is held on the 25th of April public holiday (liberty day). Festival do Folar (festival of folklore) with street parades where hundreds of balloons in the Portuguese colours (Green, Red and Yellow). Which are released into the sky, with music and dancing held just on the outskirts at the football pitches, along with many stalls selling the traditional Easter cinnamon spice cake.

Museum next to the church

Great walks

Open air Bone chapel

Restored Roman bridge

Church at the highest point

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