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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve



Pera in Central Algarve comes under the district of Silves, little history is known from the village. The name means pear or Piro in Latin. Pera is now known as being more associated with the larger City of Armacao de Pera, well known for its fishing industry.

 In the 16th - 18th Century Pera well known for its sandy soil, which was ideal for growing pears these were used in preserves & marmalade.

As the variety, was not suitable for eating; only cooking. The pears were also dried in the sun as a dried fruit, along with the Carob and grape.

The reason mentioned is the neighboring village of Alcantarilha holds annual dried fruits fair in the first week in September. Many stalls selling foods consisting of dried fruits in all forms. There is a fun side to the festival with live music until late as well as stalls selling home cooked food followed with a glass of the local wine.

The village of Pera even has the Carob and grape on the coat of arms. Pera as a village has  many single cobbled stone streets only one car in width.

One car width narrow roads

Alleyways to explore

18th Century church sea views

Cobble street cafe/bars

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