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Porches in central Algarve comes under the district of Lagoa; the village can be seen from the EN125 with the main Church being dominant sitting on the top of the hill.

Porches played an important part as a look out in roman period due to its high point with views of the coast. The village has remained most of its charm with many cobbled streets giving the feel of an old town with the houses draped with bougainvillea’s of bright colours. Most of the houses tend to be single story whilst they do not have a great deal of age. Take a look at the chimneys as there are some elaborate ones known only to the Algarve. Chimneys were the signature of the builder, as well as a status symbol for the house owner. Porches have some good restaurants that mainly focus on evening dining with bookings advised in the summer months. Porches was known for its clay pits for hundreds of years, and in the past produced the very large terracotta pots that you see dotted around.  Used for wine, water, and olive oil. With a decline in pottery in the 19 th century due to imports, and modern techniques of cheaper and lighter pottery & china. These large pots can be seen in many places across the Algarve and have now become valuable antiques in their own right selling for anything up to €2,000.  

Watch artists at work

Porches pottery studio

Porches cobbled back streets

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