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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


spring is a magical time to visit Portugal and the Algarve, as it starts to come alive with wild flowers starting to bloom .Temperatures reach an average 18 to 20C  and there is plenty of sunshine. With these mild temperatures, spring is popular with the golfers and walkers with beach life starting to show signs of summer around the corner. The evenings can feel colder than they actually but still possible to eat outside in the evenings( See Clock changes on the information page)
with the summer months now giving 12 hours of sunshine per day. The temperatures tend to be around 30-35C, it has been known to reach 40C. but the Algarve is on the Atlantic Coast so gets the gently cooling breeze that Lisbon does not get, it is worth checking the papers for the UV count as they can reach high numbers. keep villas cool by closing windows and doors as the houses are built to stay cool in summer months
as temperatures start to cool to an average of  17-20C an ideal time to visit and explore those places you would find to hot and bothered in the summer months, with the start of the golfers arriving, shorts can still be worn this time of year, the sun sits lower in the sky during the Autumn but still gives 9 hours of  sunshine to enjoy, little rain is seen until  about November.
with the winter months giving of 6 hours of sunshine a day. with average temperatures around 16-18C during the end of December to January is the rainy season and whilst it can rain very heavily most days still give some hours of sun. The evening can dip to as low as 7C you can get some colder windier days. January sees the almond trees in blossom and the young lambs and kid goats if you are visiting the Algarve in January or February  with the start of the Carnival season in Portugal towards the end of February.

Sea temp   14   14    16    16    17       19   20  21      21    19    17    15

Rain Fall    70   70    35     31   25        5     1    1        5     51    55    58mm

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Rainfall and Sea temperatures

January  14C       57F    8C         46F

February 16C      61F    9C         48F

March     17C       63F     9C        48F

April        19C      66F    11C       52F

May         22C      72F    13C       55F

June        24C      75F    16C       61F

July         27C      81F    17C       63F

August    28C     82F     17C       63F

Sept        26C      79F    17C       63F

October  22C      72F    14C       57F

Nov         18C      64F    11C       52F

Dec         14C      57F     9C         48F

Lisbon Temperatures

Temperatures and sun hours

              Centigrade   Fahrenheit           Sunshine

January               15               59                         6

February             16               61                         7

March                  17               63                         7   

April                     20               68                         9

May                     22               72                         10

June                    25               77                         12

July                     28               82                         12

August                30               84                         10

September         26               79                          9

October              22               72                          8

November          19               66                          6

December          16               61                          6

Algarve monthly weather Chart

Max                     Min