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Useful Travel Links

this is the official website for the Portuguese railway system. It provides information on types of trains,  schedules and train services. The search engine on each menu enables the visitor to access information on train itineraries, and select points and times of departure and arrival and the time which each journey will take. Some menus are in the Portuguese language but there is a connection to an English version at the bottom of each page. On-line booking is not available.

This site provides information on ferry crossings over the River Tagus. Information on river cruises is also available but reservations cannot be made on-line. The Portuguese version is more detailed than the limited English one which provides information on ferry routes, timetables and ticket prices.

A site providing information on bus travel in the Algarve and the express buses running between main towns and the Algarve. Timetables and ticket prices are displayed and there are even details on a bus rental.

This site provides information on public transport in Lisbon – buses, trams, trains and express services. The English version can be accessed by scrolling down the welcome page and clicking on the ‘English please’ icon. There are timetables and detailed information on each line are provided. Detailed information about fares and special services, such as the express bus service to and from the airport and tours of Lisbon, is also provided. The Portuguese version of this website has additional menus, including a map of Lisbon and service routes which can be downloaded as a PDF file.

A recent constructed dynamic site using a database to provide fast and comparative details on holiday accommodation and discount rates. Also is a mass of useful information on all travel subjects, culture and history, famous historic people, food and restaurants, location and what to do, property agents and developments, car rental, etc.

Places  to visit

This site is well worth a visit it will tell you all the information you would need to visit Madeira, including Travel, hotels, what's on,


Thing to do Sports/hobbies

The site offers information relating to parachuting and skydiving in Portugal. National and international championship calendars are provided and there are details of parachuting/skydiving schools and organizations.

As the name states it is all about surfing and includes Portugal. Select the world map, click on Portugal, and a map of the country with its main windsurfing spots will appear. Click on each windsurfing spot to access useful technical information. It also assists in accessing the degree of difficulty for windsurfing.

This website provides information on  windsurfing boarding and similar activities and events. Available only in the Portuguese language.

Places of interest /museums

The site offers information on Portugal’s most prestigious State Cultural Center which is located in Belém. A detailed program of events taking place at the center can be accessed by downloading a PDF file in the English language.

This site provides information on the Portuguese National Trust – its buildings, monuments and landmarks, palaces, castles, fortresses, churches, cathedrals, libraries, archaeological sites and other buildings of public interest. Detailed information on the history and location of each location is given and the operating hours are also shown. The site also provides details of driving routes which are theme-based and take in National Trust buildings and archaeological sites. The website lists the number of World Heritage sites in Portugal.

This website provides information on  some of the 29 of museums in Portugal. It includes details of exhibits, permanent and temporary collections and opening days and  hours. This site is only available in the Portuguese language.but you can use Google translate www.googletranslate.com


This site is very user friendly and provides information on camp sites in Portugal. To search for camp sites select a region. It gives directions on how to get to your location and provides information on camp facilities. Details on caravan, tent, mobile home and equipment rental are also available. Bookings can be made on-line. www.roteiro-campista.pt if you need campsite for Algarve see our campsite listing page, with opening times and price guide for 2011-12

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Main station in Central Algarve ,Tunes with direct line to Lisbon, with Disabled wheelchair hoist and onboard, disabled wheelchair access toilet with sliding door