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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve



 Quarteira in central Algarve comes under the district of Loule, once just a small fishing village, but now a city. Sitting in the middle between Vilamoura and Vale do lobo. It seems to have concentrated too much at becoming city with very wide roads that circle Quarteira, the many features on the roundabouts such as waterfalls and marble statues. The only signs of tourism are when heading towards the long sandy beach with its promenade, or the waterpark a few kilometers on the outskirts. Even though the city has grown over the years, with the many tall towering buildings.

When the infrastructure was put in they made the main high street wide with plenty of green space and a row of palms. The frontage has a long promenade, with half being pedestrian only. Offering many parking bays, including dedicated disabled bays, with direct access to the beach. Which is a long palm lined one, with many water breaks to slow the tide making swimming safer.

 Toward the western side of the front sits a large blue/white building   decorated with hand painted tiles depicting scenes of Portuguese traditions. It’s the daily indoor covered fresh fish and produce market, open until 1pm except Sundays.

Along the promenade front is the small tourist office located at the back of the large water fountain. This area offers free WIFI, and is a favored place for retired men sitting playing cards and dominos. Next to the tourist office is a small museum with free entry. The theme is costumes and Quarteira past, also along the front is a mobile library from 20th July to 31st of August.

Free museum near front

Daily covered fish market

Long golden beach front

Annual mobile library

Main centre high street

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