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Salir central Algarve comes under the district of Loule located along the EN124 that runs from the town of Alcoutim near the Spanish border. To the medieval fortified town of Silves in central Algarve. Salir sits over 200 metres above sea level set in the Serra de Caldeirao hills as the back drop. This can be seen when heading towards the castle ruin of Salir. The town seems to be divided into two halves due the town dipping in the middle. With the main church (igreja matriz) dates from the 16th century on one high point, and the castle ruin dating from the 12th century on the other. If exploring the town with a young family caution is needed when using the footpath leading to the rear of the castle.

Whilst the path gives spectacular views across to the main church and lush green hills of the Serra’s with just has a high handrail of wooden posts with a single rope. You can just as easily venture through the small cobbled streets and reach the castle ruin that way. If you follow the cobbled pavement down the side of the small church, with hand carved stone cross that sits alone on a plinth.

The castle has no real significant splendour like the huge castle of Silves.

Thought Salir castle was mainly to protect farm workers who worked the land, growing valuable food crops. Often attacks from Christian fighters who were seeking food sources for its fighting armies. The sight of any forte or castle would be a deterrent. Whilst the castle remains are small they are of significant importance to Portugal’s History, as one of the few remaining ruins dating back to the Moors period.

Caution single rope handrail

Salir’s highest point

Dominant water tower

Quaint Algarve dwelling house

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