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Skiing in Portugal

One would not usually associate the fast-paced sports of skiing and snowboarding with Portugal - a

country known predominatly to holidaymakers for sunshine and beaches. Portual is not without skiing opportunities - no artifical indoor skiing either.

The highest point on the portugal mainland, Serra Da Estrela boasts breathtaking mountain landscapes which can be enjoyed all year around, regardless of season.

In non-winter months, you might stroll the mountain paths to visit local castles and villages or discover the wool routes, the local villages and the castles. However, in winter months when there's snow Serra Da Estrela is transformed into a playground for powder-hungry snowboarders and skiers from Portugal and abroad. Portugese skiers in the know are always delighted  make a trip to this fabulous resort which offers something for skiers of every skill level, rather than boarding a plane to one of their European neighbour countries which enjoy significantly more snowfall.

About the Serra Da Estrala Resort

The Estancia de Ski at Serra de Estrela has one black-run (experts), four red runs two huge blue-runs (for intermediates) and two green runs for novices to hone their skills upon.

Ski Pass prices

Very reasonable - you pay for a half-day pass (afternoon from 1pm to 4:30pm), or take a full day pass. During high-season the all day pass costs 25 euro / day or 15 euro for afternoon, and during low season expect to pay 15 euro for a day or 10 euro for a half-day). Remember that you will find the best, freshest powder early in the morning, so an all-day pass is well-worth the investment. Many travel agents offer  two-for-one-deals 2-for-1 lift pass offers, so it's always wise to pick up the phone or visit the deals sections on ski-tour operators websites so that you don't miss out on potential savings.

Equipment Hire

Rent a complete set of ski-gear for five days for 100 euros, with skis or snowboards costing 60 euros for the week.  If you're an inexperienced skier or snowboarder, having expert help in fitting and choosing appropriate ski-gear for your height and ability level is exceptionally useful, not to mention the savings on cost of ski-gear. If you want to get away from the slopes, for some variety you can also rent snowshoes in-resort for 8 euros.

 Non-ski activities in  Serra Da Estrela, snowmobile rides, hang-gliding, snowshoeing, sledding,

Accommodation  Where to stay

hotel Serre da Estrela boasts 80 rooms in a lavish property designed for pure relaxation and pleasure - a top-choice when staying in or around the resort any season of the year.

Other options include apartments or, if you fancy the alpine-ski feel, why not opt for a catered ski chalet Your ski-travel agent will be able to advise you on which type of accommodation is best suited to your group, and whether there are facilites for kids, or any group booking discounts.

The official Serra da Estrela Resort Webiste and other useful lnks see below