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Santa Barbara de Nexe and Bordeira

Santa Barbara de Nexe in the Eastern Algarve Portugal is in the district of Faro the largest City in the Algarve. The main center of the village is the church, which sits on higher ground from the main high street the bell tower is said to date from the 18th century, and is a local landmark that can be seen for miles. There is a small garden square with offers shaded seating areas. The village is popular with English and Dutch who have settle in the village, with a well-known celebrity from the rock group Iron Maiden who has a house nearby. The village has a local school, plenty of small shops, ATM cash machine, a new large supermarket and garage on the out edge of the village.

In August, Portugal has a public holiday on the 15th; this is celebrated throughout, as it is Assumption, a religious holiday. The Village of Santa Barbara de Nexe is no exception and host a celebration in the main high street with stage acts, the village has no monthly market, with the nearest being held in nearby Estoi, which is the second largest in the Algarve.

One of many restaurants

St Barbara high street

Village offers sea views

Bordeira popular restaurants

Antique bits offered for sale

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