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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


Monte Gordo

Monte Gordo in the eastern Algarve is a large spacious town, with many streets dedicated to pedestrians. There is a good feel of space that surrounds the town; due to the fact the streets are very wide. Just a few kilometers from the furthest eastern town in the Algarve, Vila real St Antonio, which sits on the Spanish border.

The two towns are so different in so many ways; Monte Gordo has the Casino Hotel, which opened in the late 1990’s. Bringing big changes to the town with many high-rises that soon followed. Monte Gordo has a wide long golden beach with no buildings built on the beach side to ruin the coastline view of the town. Monte Gordo sees much traffic with people flocking to the huge popular beach. Portable toilets are laid on in the car parks during peak season to cope with the influx of tourist in the summer. The town has a well laid out park close to the beach front, which get popular with Portuguese families taking a picnic, offering plenty of seating in the shade when hot summer months prevail.

Monte Gordo has many good Portuguese restaurants along will the feel of being traditional town rather one catering for tourist, like that of popular town of Albufeira in central Algarve. There is ample parking with a pay to park very near the beach along the palm lined promenade. Monte Gordo holds a monthly antiques market held on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Easy access decking

Pedestrian only pavements

Park near the beach

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