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Tunes in Central Algarve the village of Tunes comes under the district of Silves.

Many say that the village got its name from settlers from Tunis (Tunisia). The village was insignificant in the 1700s it was not even mentioned on the William Faden maps of Portugal. (William Faden was a well-known map drawer of Europe); even in 1797 when nearby small villages of Algoz and Porches were included on maps.

Tunes came into its own in the 1890s when Portugal had the first railway in 1856 in Lisbon. The village has a coat of arms that has the steam train incorporated.

With the need to expand to the far reaches of the Algarve was now seen as being important. Due to the farming and millers in the area, as well as the fishing industry the Algarve was famous for.  The warm Atlantic waters and many varieties of different fish especially Tuna. It later produced a huge income for the Algarve with Tuna being one of the first fish canned in the 1900s.

The village today is divided in two, by the railway line of four tracks wide with a direct link to Lisbon in around 4 hours running twice a day. Tunes went from slow diesel trains to the fast express trains of electric in the year 2000.  Also one of very few trains that has dedicated wheelchair hoists, and dedicated disabled carriages.

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