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Vila do Bispo

Vila do Bispo in western Algarve is a small village that comes under the district of Lagos. Its claim to fame was in the 16th century in 1543, a local from the village  Fernão Mendes Pinto, was one of the first Europeans to land in Japan.  Reason mentioned, in 1992 a new square was built nearer the outskirts of the village, to celebrate the twinning of the town he visited. The square officially named praca de Tanegashima, which means Tashegashima square.

The new square has transformed Vila do Bispo popularity as in the past its population was over 6,000 back in the 1930´s but numbers declined for almost 80 years. Vila do Bispo still has the little garden square once the center of the village. Situated near the main church (Nossa Senhora da Conceiçao) dating from the 16th century, one of few which remains from the 1755 earthquake.

The village has great charm with many narrow streets with cottages and merchant’s houses. It has an extra feel of standing in time, due to the older style street lamps used in the center. Towards the church are cobbled stone roads that are very steep climb and just wide enough for one car width. The buildings differ greatly from the restored remains of a windmill when first entering the town.

Popular restaurant in square

Art sculpture on roundabout

Large spacious park gardens

Old cobbled street remains

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