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Come to Portugal is normally impartial when it comes to giving any personal opinion, however in this case we make a rare exception,

Quinta do Avos is a family run traditional Portuguese Tea shop, it’s reputation for  homemade produce from cakes,breads sweets and preserves is well known amongst the Portuguese who flock to the tea rooms for that traditional experience and relax atmosphere. Quinta do Avos has created surroundings that feel Warm and Welcoming as well traditional, you are greeted with a warm welcome giving to the cosy settings.

 After having an afternoon tea you can take a wander around the museum out the rear of the teashop or even catch a glimpse of the resident donkeys.

The dedication, and time the family have put into creating a Museum has so much of the Portuguese History, for you to enjoy, with many restored horse drawn carts on show, back to the former glory they had when it use. These include water carts with terracotta water vases used to deliver water to locals, to the more rare and elaborate carriages and carts the owners have spend many hundreds of hours restoring back to their form glory.

 This is very much a family museum, with plenty for you see with display cabinets with an assortment of bygones, to original photos showing the people and carts when they were in use, The museum is completely free Entry, and can be entered from the rear of the teashop, This is one of those visits you will certainly remember on your Visit to the Algarve.

 If you do not want to enjoy afternoon tea then they offer plenty of handmade cakes and sweet that you will not find in many modern supermarkets.

Quinta do Avos new adventure was started just a few years ago and has quickly grown to a well respected brand is the tasty beer which is produced on a professional level in the form of a micro brewery and as someone who has been privileged to to be shown behind the scenes it makes a very impressive production area. Of course one could not pass up the offer of a few samples to try, the first thing that struck me was the rich golden colour then the aromas the taste was one that you would savour sitting relaxing on a hot sunny, rather than a cold beer that you would normally gulp down to quench a thirst.


Quinta do Avos, Algoz, Algarve,Telephone 282 576 459 Tlm 967 446 296 . Museum only open Saturdays  from 2pm

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