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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve



The Growing Village of Algoz sits within the District of Silves,7 km away is the nearby coastal Town of Armacao de Pera, with a long golden beach one of longest for central Algarve. Algoz originates from  the Arabic word “Al-Gzz” which derives from the name of a war-like Asian tribe from the Middle East, dating back to the 12th century.

Past history of Algoz is macabre. As towns and villages that start with AL in the name date from the Moors period. In history Algoz  (Algos)was known for executions but no such evidence exists today. Algoz village has grown in popularity as well as in size with new parking spaces created near the marketplace in 2018. The village hosts many events throughout the year. Best known for the largest monthly market in the Central Algarve (see market dates). Spread over a large area to the side of the village hall, which has a small children’s playground in front. A very traditional market unlike others aimed at tourisism.The Village has 1 bank with ATMs, as well a good choice of shops, supermarket and Daily fish and fruit Market in the large building in the centre of the village (closes midday). Algoz boasts 10 different restaurants. Most offer a Prata da Dia (dish of the Day) with a 3 course meal with wine costing under €8.

Restaurants tend to get busy with local workers from the nearby industrial estate, open midday to 3pm.

Walk around the village, you will find houses boasting elaborate stone carving on parapet walls & windows. Showing the village had wealth from trading merchants who lived in the village.

   Old oil presses, stone troughs sit along the grass verge with a small picnic area that can be found on the road towards Silves. Further along stands the public open air laundry, built in 1933 but closed in the 1990’s. In the village centre sits a picturesque church with clock tower and cockerel weather vein. The village has a patron saint, Our Lady of mercy. Whilst in the village centre sits 4 granite grinding stones used in the olive oil pressing industry.

Algoz coat of arms depicting a dragon

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antique granite grinding stones in centre of village squareAlgoz outdoor public laundry space

     To the south of Algoz, sitting on the village’s highest hill, Is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Pilar. With fine views across the village with sea views of Armacao de Pera.

  A fair is held twice a year on the 10th August, the day of So Miguel, and on the day of So Lus on the last Sunday in September. As well as local horse and carriage meetings held in the village near the village hall, with a pig roast and other food snacks on offer.

Just 1 km on the outskirts of the village heading towards Ferrerias & Tunes on the EN: 269, is a Very Traditional Portuguese Tea shop.

Quinta dos Avos is a family run business with incorporates a traditional Portuguese tea room with hand made produce, as well as a micro brewery with a well established local beer with its own distinct flavours. There is also a Horse Cart Museum with free admission open Saturdays only, but well worth the visit. The Tea shop is open every day except Tuesdays, from 2: pm until 7: PM. Those with GPS  N.37.09.21 - W.08 17.09.

For those looking to stay in the village it offers a few Guest houses. Outside the village 4 km,towards Messines is Krazy World with Reptiles petting animals, mini golf, and large swimming pool. Families can make a day enjoying the facilities. In 2013 changes in law saw many village /town halls combine, to cut back on running fees. The Village of Tunes now share the village hall located in Algoz. (Village hall is also known as a (Junta de Freguesia.) This is where you will also find the village post office on the first floor, those who may have difficulty with the stairs will find a lift giving easy access to the post office and the village hall where you can find information  should you want more information on living in Portugal on a permanent basis.

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