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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


The Fatacil Fair held in the Fatasul show ground in Lagoa situated just of the EN125 at the Traffic lights (see map below). The fair is one of the largest for the whole Algarve and is held over a 10 day period in August, the Fatacil Fair is held in the evening from 6pm until 2pm,it is very much a event for all the family.                       

The main feature of the fair is Agricultural with animal petting areas showing many different breeds of Goats,Sheep and Cattle, there is a Horse arena with Equestrian skills shown by riders in traditional costumes last year saw a spectacular show with Real Picadeiro with their Lusitano breed Horses.

Just a small selection of some of the animals on display at the Fatacil show

The Fatacil fair is not just Agricultural, but features many industries as well as many stands aimed at tourism and family day trips many offer discounts on tickets purchased at the fair for events such as Zoo Marina and Lagos Zoo as well as many others, The main Features of the show is the many stand that show the many traditions and skills that have been past down to generations keeping these Portuguese traditions alive , you will she shoe maker, basket weavers, wood carvers, lace makers.

The many skills that you will see, show how Portugal has kept these traditions alive whilst they blend into the 21st  century with cork that can be made into wallets hats and clothing, the many forms of art on show from stone carving, paintings,glassblowing, handmade traditional tiles that you see on many Portuguese houses.It is endless to name all of the craft on show there are Traditional Portuguese hand made Guitars and mandarins, copper and metal work with the famous copper cataplana  pans that you get brought to your table in the restaurants ,ideal to take one home and try the dish yourself,

You will find that many of the Portuguese that go will eat at the many Restaurants stands that are at the fair, from a complete meal from the Famous Chicken Piri Piri , or you can just have a snack the popular snack is fresh baked bread spread with fresh soft cheese and filled with smoked presunto ham, that Portugal and Brazil are world famous for,

You will find many stalls offering wine tasting from award winning vineyards across Portugal, you can sample the many fresh pastries and cakes on offer as well as Jams,Marmalades and other preserves, the favourite for the Portuguese is the Pastel de Nata, a small custard tart made with flaky pastry, they are consumed by the millions in Portugal and always made fresh every day, with all the wonderful smells on offer you will find it hard not to try something even if you have eaten before you come to the fair.

One of many stalls selling Presunto Ham

More Photo’s of the Fatacil Fair >>>>

More Photo’s of the Fatacil Fair >>>>