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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


The Fatacil fair offers live music entertainment,with well know singers from Portugal singing modern to classic songs, whilst on the other side of the show ground is the spectacular horse area with many different breeds of horses coming from  Equestrian centres in the Algarve showing of the skills of rider and horse

The fair offers not just Portuguese culture thought that is the main theme,but shows other cultures that enjoy a link to Portugal in from the past to the present, Portugal's empire was in history one of the largest alone side pain and England, you will find stalls selling furniture to gifts relating to Portugal's Moorish  history

We hope that our small photo gallery will encourage you to pay the Fatacil fair a visit, it is a culture fair with a difference and is very well attended by the Portuguese who still enjoy the many traditions that they have grown up with, the fair is very safe and has a very friendly atmosphere that can be soaked up for you to enjoy and remember for years to come

stall selling oriental productsArtist sitting surrounded by his artworkMan wearing top hat winding a musical street organPortuguese artisian sitting at her stallfourmale riders on horseback riding in a circlepeople sitting eating and drinkingtraditional Portuguese shoemaker working on a shoeband playing on stage in front of large crowd

Lagoa Fataccil/ Fatasul annual fair held in the centre of Lagao over a 10 day period

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