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Armacao de pera fishermans beach with line up of fishing boats Your Gateway to Portugal & Algarve


Faro Airport: 289 800 800

Funchal Airport(Madeira): 291 520 700
Ponta Delgada Airport (Azoren): 296 205 400
Oporto Airport: 22 943 24 00
Lisbon Airport : 21 841 35 00 / 21 841 37 00

Emergency Phone numbers

Police,     Ambulance,          Fire,        112

Main hospitals in Algarve

Faro         289803411

Lagos       282770100

Portimao  282450300

Algarve Police Stations

Albufeira      289583310

Almancil       289393200

Armacao de Pera

Carvoeiro     282356460

Faro            289801828

Lagos          282762809

Loule           289462782

Portimao      282417717

Quarteira     289389477

Tavira         281325704

Vila do Bispo 282639112

Vilamoura     289313040

Vila Real      259 330 240

Sea Rescue 214401919

Maritime Police  210911100   

For Contact information on all UK & Portugal Airports Click Here

Your EHIC  health card (formerly E111) can be use in Portugal even after Brexit, it will be valid until its expiry date, with medical help and accidents whilst abroad, this will not cover repatriation back to your country of origin if you do not have one then you can obtain one free of charge at https://www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/home.do

This should not be used instead of travel insurance, in case of loss of your EHIC card abroad Tel:+441912127500

Note: due to the close ties that Portugal and the UK have you can be treated using your health card, you will be ask for ID so it is important to show your Passport, if you incur a stay in hospital you will have to pay for X-rays,scans, as well as food, these can be claimed back from your insurance company so make sure you keep the receipt, the cost of a X-ray in 2019 was around €30 and daily food cost whilst in hospital in 2020 was around €6 per day which included 3 square meals a day.

If you are given a prescription you will be given a official receipt at all chemist that carries the pharmacies stamp & date, it is important to carry this with you when flying back as it may be required for customs now the UK has left the European union.

UK Health Card

Clock changes for Portugal

Don’t miss your flight because of clocks change

Clocks change as follows at 2:am


  Forward 1 hour               Back 1 hour

 Lost/Stolen  Passport in Portugal and need  Help!?


Portugal has now installed many free Wi-Fi areas in shopping centres, along beach fronts and in popular tourist area’s,they are normally located near tourist information centres and this Wi-Fi is free.

But remember you must have your wireless security switched on or others can log themselves onto you laptop even via mobile phone and steal your private information including passwords.

Tip on the back of your laptop to will see a little hole with a  padlock sign, this is for  a Kensington lock normally a steel cable which allows you to lock your laptop to a solid fix item, so no need to carry it around with you when not in use, they cost around 5-10 and have a unique key that can’t be picked.

animated open laptop

Free Wi-Fi in Portugal

You and your laptop abroad

To find IMEI number, enter: * # 0 6 # on the keypad

 this is something all mobile phones will have

If a mobile is lost or stolen, call your provider  give them the IMEI number. They will suspended the service and the phone may be traced. If the theft is to be reported, supply the police with the IMEI number. Your phone provider will be able to give you a replacement sim card, provided you report it as  soon as possible your credit (if pay as you go) will be credited to your new sim card, your provider  will not be able to supply you with our contact numbers that were stored on your phone or sim card, however you can ask for your phone call history ,giving you numbers you have dialled on your phone,

Portugal has a very good signal strength even in a lot of remote places

It is important that you do not store your credit/debit card pin numbers on your mobile if you have to store them on your  phone give them a another name that you can easy remember,do give them names like (peter barclay or  mike visa) also add a prefix number like 0044, as if your phone is stolen along with your wallet or purse a thief will go through your phone looking for 4 digit numbers that easily tell them that it is a card pin number.

Before you give up on your lost phone try calling it ,check at a local police station to see if it has been handed in

Lost/Stolen Mobile Phones in Portugal

 Click here for a coplete list of Consulates and Embassies

Public Holidays

Fixed holiday dates                                 Portuguese name

January 1st New Year's Day                     ( Ano Novo)         

April 25th Liberty day                               (Dia da Liberdade)

May 1st Labour Day                                 (Dia do Trabahlo)

June 10th Portugal Day                             (Dia de Portugal

August 15th Assumption Day                    (Assuncao)

October 5th Republic Day                         (Herois da Repuplica)

November 1st All Saint's Day                    (Todas os Santos)

December 1st Independence Day              ( Dia da Independencia)

December 8th Immaculate Conception       (Imaculada Conceiao)

December 25th Christmas Day                    (Natal)

Movable holiday dates

February Shrove Tuesday

April Good Friday                                       (Sexta-feria Santa)

April Easter Sunday                                   (Pascoa)

May-June Corpus Christi                           (Corpo de Dues)

Please note: some public holiday & religious holidays may no longer be class as a public holiday, even though it will still be celebrated.

General Information

Electric current
220V, frequency 50 Hertz. Current sockets according to European standards. Blade plugs require a transformer for 220 volts and adapter plug.

Tap water
The tap water is safe to drink throughout the country, but it is a good idea to buy  bottled water available in nearly every  grocery shop throughout Portugal

Post Offices (CTT)
(Correio) are mostly open (8) 9 - 12.30 and 14.30 - 18.00, Monday to Friday. Main post offices close 2 hrs for lunch, most use a queue ticket system  they will be closed on public and some religious holidays

Tourist Information
Dial 800 296 296 (English, Spanish, French)

Phone from a post office. You'll be allocated a booth. Make your call, return to the counter to pay.

International calls to Portugal
+(351) and phone number (the area code is part of the phone

28th  March 2021           31st  October 2021

26th  March 2022           29th October 2022

26th  March 2023           29th October 2023

31st  March 2024           27th October 2024

UK/EU passport

Important travel information whilst travelling to Algarve/Portugal